TYVEK envelope


Transparent plastic box


Author's paper box
Výběr balení

The scarf can be put into our signature Tyvek envelope. Futuristic material Tyvek® evokes silk feel, it is resilient and waterproof.

You can however treat yourself or the begifted person even better with one of our two choices of exclusive packaging that add the finest finish to your purchase.

  1. Luxurious DE LUXE paper box with a pearl surface
    The scarf will be awaiting you inside the box, wrapped in a soft silk paper. The colour of the ribbon tied around the box matches the colour of your scarf.

  2. Box DESIGN BAG, designed exclusively for Dagmaar by Czech designer Jan Činčera.
    This box is a transparent purse-style box which enables the scarf to float through its space

scarf VANILLA – poudré

SIZE - 88 x 88 cm

TECHNOLOGY - handmade silk-screen printing
COLOUR - white
handmade edging

Price 170 



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(Woman with a fragrance)
The collection is inspired by aroma molecules, wildness of the jungle, sensuality and especially vanilla, a plant which has many forms, tastes and aromas. The Aztecs used it as a medicine, as well as an aphrodisiac.
It has the scent of… delight.
Opium induces mild ecstasy. It evokes a feeling of calm or euphoria. The aroma molecules are mixed on the scarf in such a way that you will no longer want to deny yourself its addictive silky softness. This scarf will become your opium.

The collection is made with a unique technology of small-batch hand screen printing on 100% silk twill of exceptional quality. The colours are fixed into the fabric at a high temperature with steam, which helps them achieve their radiant shine and stability.

The author guarantees that the product is an original piece of art.

“CREATED AS AN ACCESSORY BUT WORN AS A JEWEL”. If you don’t know which piece of jewellery to wear to complement your look, a silk scarf will always work. The scarves are playful; all you have to do is unleash your imagination. You can wear it in a hundred different ways, or tie it like a Frenchwoman on a handbag, on your arm, or in your hair.
I design scarves that caress both the heart and neck and distinguish their wearer from others.
Scarves are an indispensable fashion accessory that will make your outfit light up and stand out in any time of the day or year.
Each scarf has its edges hand-finished. People say that God is in the detail and in our case that is undoubtedly the hand finishing of the edges of the scarves. The package also contains information on how to take care of silk.

A unique piece of jewellery needs to be hand made.

“Dagmaar scarves – elegance that doesn’t lose its value”