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Scarf care

Silk is a miraculous material. We at Dagmaar are convinced that once a woman feels its gentle touch on her neck, she will not be able to live without it anymore. What a beautiful addiction though.
  • Wash the scarf in lukewarm water with the addition of detergent or washing powder and gently squeeze it.
  • Rinse (during the first few washes you can add a little bit of vinegar).
  • We suggest to wet iron it (thanks to this it will remain perfectly smooth and it will feel firmer). Feel free to dry iron it if you are looking for gentler and lighter structure though.
  • It is possible to dry clean the scarves.
  • If you want the scarf to be firmer, just add a little bit of liquid starch to the bath and iron it wet or semi-dry.
Care symbols for scarves are included in the package