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Dagmar Jelínková
e-mail: info@dagmaar.cz
Would you like to contact us?

You can write to us whether it's something about scarves or for any other reason. We would love to hear your feedback. Some of the questions that we are being sent repeat, so please read the FAQ before sending your message. Maybe you will find the answer to your question right away and will save your precious time!


    Can I wash my scarf in a washing machine?

    We do not recommend it; we prefer hand washing them. Please see Scarf care for more.

    What type of silk do you use?

    All Dagmaar's scarves are made from silk twill processed in France. Its selection is crucial for ensuring that our scarves are of a top notch quality. Please see Top quality silk for more.

    Is it possible to buy scarves from your previous collections?

    All of the scarves from the previous collections are sold out. You can at least take a look at them here.

    Is there a new collection on its way?

    Absolutely, we just need to pick the right theme, stay tuned! The process of creation is very long however, therefore it is very hard for us to predict when it is going to happen. Meanwhile you can read more about the process of creation.

    Is it possible to have a scarf made on demand?

    This is unfortunately not possible due to a very demanding manufacturing technology that can be only done in a bigger number of products. If you would like to adjust the scarf size or produce a silk shawl (some of our customers prefer rectangle shawls to scarves), please do not hesitate to contact me. Read more about a Small-lot hand operated print.